Questra World is an advertising broker, which has exclusive rights to promote and sell financial products of the joint-stock investment fund Atlantic Global Asset Management. 

The main office of the advertising broker is located in the city of Madrid in Spain.

CEO Questra World - Jose Manuel Gilabert.

Jose Manuel Gilabert - is a Chief Executive Officer of Questra World. He is a professional with 23 years of experience operating and managing of major companies in top management positions. Since 1993, participated in establishment and development of over 16 major European and American companies including his own, such as J.M. Gilaber Bautista. Canned Vegetables Factory, Union Brothers, Hispania Ibericam Foods, Pegasus Corporation, Proindes Films, Chile West Group, Co-Founder Premium Traiding International and many others. Master of business administration and financial management, businessman and philanthropist. He is fluent in 4 languages.

Creating an advertising broker Questra World, CEO Jos? Manuel Gilabert took as a basis and made the main focus of Questra World, business promotion model, proved for more than one million companies and used for over 50 years - a model of multi-level network marketing (MLM).

All companies allocate huge sums on advertising budget. Guidelines of broker Questra World was chosen MLM model of promotion, since it is much cheaper and requires less budget to find new customers than through the media, radio and the internet.

The model of the development and advertising based on the Multi-level marketing MLM well-known promotion system was implemented in the company only in 2014, before that we had dealt only with corporate clients. And very quickly it has proved its efficiency and economic feasibility.

The fact is that the system itself to attract new customers is designed in such a way that at first natural persons learn about the company with the help of Multi-level marketing, and in the dissemination of information the corporate clients with large capital contact the company.

The advantage and prospect of network marketing today are undeniable. And it is not impossible to arguing with that. With all the economic troubles in the land network of the company has always shown the most powerful dynamic growth and Questra World is not exception.

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Questra World has 7 offices around the world:

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Dubai, UAE.

Moscow, Russia.

Istanbul, Turkey.

Astana, Kazakhstan.

Madrid, Spain.


Paseo de la Castellana 9, floor 3, office C

28046 Madrid, Spain.